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2021, Volume 15, Issue 1

The Demographic Effects of Covid-19: Any Hope for Working Populations?
Olunkwa C. N., Adenuga J. I., Salaudeen M. B., Mesagan E. P. (p. 3 – 12)
Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, Demographic Effects, Working Population
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2020, Volume 14

The distribution of hospital capacities in the face of the covid-19 pandemic in Mexico
Olivera S., Heard C., Candia A. (p. 3 – 17)
Keywords: COVID-19, hospital coverage, vulnerability, resilience
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Pooled mean group (PMG) approach on saving and investment link in Africa: The implications for capital mobility
Gidigbi M. O., Donga M. & I. B. Hassan (p. 18 – 35)
Keywords: Saving, investment, capital movement, economic integration
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2020, Volume 13

Impact assessment of the financial inclusion strategy in Nigeria: Lessons from BRICS and other countries
Wale-Awe O. I., Alabi K. M., Omoloye N. A. (p. 3 – 22)
Keywords: Economic development, financial Inclusion, rural loans, rural deposits, Fintech 
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Public health expenditure and health sector performance in Nigeria: An empirical analysis
Bello W. O. (p. 23 – 40)
Keywords: Public health, expenditure, government spending, health sector
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2020, Volume 12

Exploring the impact of social distance in the fight against COVID-19
Almeida F. (p. 3 – 20)
Keywords: COVID-19, Mobility, infection rate, death rate
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Gendered socio-economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic in rural Zimbabwe
Ndhlovu E. & Tembo A. (p. 21 – 40)
Keywords: COVID-19, gender-based violence, livelihoods
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2020, Volume 11

Impact of corona pandemic on educational undertakings and possible breakthrough mechanisms
Fufi E. F., Negassa T., Melaku R., & Mergo R. (p. 3 – 14)
Keywords: Coronavirus; Pandemic; Education; Breakthrough
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Agricultural output performance, employment generation and per capita income in Nigeria
Ochada I. M. & Ogunniyi M. B. (p. 15 – 26)
Keywords: Agricultural Output; Per Capita Income; Employment Generation
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2020, Volume 10

Economic Growth, Habit Formation, and Business Cycle
Zhang W. (p. 3 – 20)
Keywords: Habits; Endogenous preference; Economic oscillations; Economic structure; Wealth accumulation
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The global shock in economic activities: Covid-19 pandemonium
Nwokolo C. I., Ogbuagu M. I., & Iwegbu O. (p. 21– 30)
Keywords: Global Shock; Economic Activities; Covid-19
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Avoiding the natural resource curse: an optimal use of oil rents to reduce its potential negative effects upon economic growth
Charles D. (p. 27 – 52)
Keywords: Resource curse; Oil rents; Quantile regression
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2020, Volume 9

Confinement efficiency and economic scenarios of Covid-19: The case of Morocco
Zakaria F. & Fatine F. A. (p. 3 – 17)
Keywords: Covid-19, Economic conditions, Ramsey, Contagion
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The effect of bank credit on the performance of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria
Nwabuisi F. O., Oke-Bello M. A., Oyewole A. S., Toriola A. K., Folami R. A., & Afolabi A. O. (p. 18 – 29)
Keywords: Bank credit, Manufacturing, Interest rate, Exchange rate
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2020, Volume 8

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown: Curtailing the negative economic impacts
Wale-Awe  O. I. (p. 3 – 14)
Keywords: Covid-19, Economic impact, Policy measures, World economy
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Effects of oil resource endowment, natural gas and agriculture output: policy options for inclusive growth
Mesagan P. E. & Adenuga I. J. (p. 15 – 34)
Keywords: Crude oil production, Natural gas, Agriculture, Inclusive growth
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2020, Volume 7

Socio-economic impacts of novel coronavirus: The policy solutions
Evans O. (p. 3 – 12)
Keywords: 2019 novel coronavirus, COVID-19, socio-economic impacts, policy solutions
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The implications of exchange rate fluctuations on human welfare in Nigeria
Toriola A. K., Folami R. A., Afolabi A. O., & Ajayi F. O. (p. 13 – 25)
Keywords: Exchange rate, Human welfare, Interest rate, Inflation
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2020, Volume 6

Effect of financial deepening on stock market returns: The case of military and democratic post-SAP regimes in Nigeria
Yusuf I. A, Mesagan E. P. & Amadi A. M. (p. 3 – 21)
Keywords: Financial deepening, Stock market, Money supply
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Determining inflation as monetary or fiscal phenomenon: An empirical evidence from South Asia
Obaid S., Baig M. A., & Shah M. A. (p. 22 – 48)
Keywords: Monetary policy, Fiscal policy, Inflation
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2019, Volume 5

Re-examining the link between financial structure and economic growth in Nigeria: An empirical investigation
Gidigbi M. O. (p. 3 – 21)
Keywords: Economic growth, Capital productivity, Financial market
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Comparative analysis of the effects of 0, 20, 50, and 66.5% fuel subsidy removals on household wellbeing in Nigeria: A Structuralist CGE Approach
Odior E. S. O. (p. 22 – 44)
Keywords: Fuel subsidy, Household welfare, SCGE
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2019, Volume 4

Oil Resource Abundance in Nigeria and Iran: Contrapuntal Effect on Social and Economic Welfare
Mesagan P. E., Unah A. A., Idowu J. O., & Alamu A. S. (p. 3 – 22)
Keywords: Economic welfare, Social Welfare, Oil resource
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Currency Devaluation and Trade Balance Nexus: A Test of Marshall-Lerner Condition in Nigeria
Are L. O. (p. 23 – 43)
Keywords: Exchange rate, Currency devaluation, Trade balance
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2018, Volume 3

Monetary policy shocks and stock market prices volatility in Nigeria
Adeniji S. O., Obansa S. A. J. , Okoroafor D. O. K. (p. 3 – 26)
Keywords: Stock prices Monetary policy, Volatility, ARDL, EGARCH
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Manufacturing sector performance in Africa: The role of monetary policy instruments
Akinyemi K. A., Ogbuji I. A.,  Adedokun S. A. (p. 36 – 44)
Keywords: Monetary Policy, Manufacturing output, Money supply, Lending rate
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2018, Volume 2

The relative effect of monetary and fiscal policy on economic development in Africa: a GMM approach to the St. Louis equation
Evans O., Adeniji S. O., Nwaogwugwu C. I., 
Kelikume I., Dakare O., Oke O. O. (p. 3 – 23)
Keywords: Monetary & fiscal policy, Economic development, GMM, St Louis equation
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Service sector potentials in the transformation of the Nigerian economy
Olusoji M. O., Odeleye A. T. (p. 24 – 35)
Keywords: Service sector, GDP, Rebasing, Diversification
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2017, Volume 1

The relevance of value added reporting in assessing the financial soundness of deposit money banks in Nigeria
Adaramola A. O., Wale-Awe O. I. (p. 3 – 18)
Keywords: Value Added Reporting, Bank Performance, Retained Earnings, Dividends
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The Dynamics of Inflation, Public Debt and Exchange Rate in Nigeria
Odior E. S. O., Arinze S. (p. 19 – 34)
Keywords: Inflation, Public Debt, Exchange Rate, VECM
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Special issue call for papers: Recovery from Covid-19 Effects in Business, Education and SocietyDeadline for submissions: 31st January 2021.